Warranty Registration Page

Before you register your MEGNA POOLS liner warranty, we’d like to go over a few things with you……

First of all, thank you for purchasing a MEGNA POOLS vinyl swimming pool liner.  We take pride in fabricating the best possible liner for your pool.

It is important that you read both the Safety Guidelines and the Recommendations for Care in your warranty package, to keep both you and your liner safe.

MEGNA POOLS warranty covers our workmanship on your new pool liner. We warrant that it will fit correctly based on the specifications provided to us, and that the seams will last for 25 years, if not we will repair or replace the liner on a pro-rated basis. Please read the complete warranty conditions as outlined in the warranty included in the package provided to you by your installer.

We’d like to go over some pointers which will extend the life of your pool liner. Your pool liner is made from vinyl (polyvinylchloride), it is a plastic and it is not impervious to chemicals or weather. It is designed to stand up for many years, to normal pool chemicals and has a UV protection layer on top, for sun protection.

The recommendations for proper water balance are provided by the manufacturers of the vinyl, it is important to understand that each component has an effect on the pool vinyl.

Free chlorine     between 1.5 – 2.5 ppm - too much can bleach the inks on the liner, within these limits the water will be safe for swimming

pH                          between 7.2 – 7.6 - too low makes it too acidic, too high to alkali, this affect the pool liner and the effects of chlorine

Alkalinity             between 80 – 100 ppm -this is related to pH levels, and affects the efficiency of chlorine

Calcium                minimum 200 ppm              -too little calcium and the water will take it out of the liner

Stabilizer              minimum 50 ppm                -cyanuric acid protects the liner from chlorine and pH, and reduces the loss of chlorine in the water

(ppm means parts per million)

 You will notice that the tolerances are rather small, so whether you use a salt-chlorine generator or stabilized chlorine, it is important to test the water balance regularly yourself and/or take your water to a local pool dealer for testing and recommendations. Failure to keep your water within these recommendations will void any warranty which may be provided by the manufacturer of the vinyl material.

Okay, now your can register your liner warranty……………..

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By registering here the pool owner acknowledges receipt of the safety package and verifies that safety warning labels have been properly affixed to the swimming pool liner. An understanding of water balance information and its’ effect on pool liners is also acknowledged.