MEGNA POOLS is a company originally established in 2004 by a group of pool industry professionals who each had been in the business for over 20 years. They gathered around them a group of employees who also had up to 20 years in the pool industry. Most had worked for a pool company which had its’ roots in a Canadian company which started out in 1967 and grew to be one of the largest manufacturers of swimming pool liners and kits, with plants across North America. They grew with the company through three takeovers, all finally departing shortly after the third takeover, to form their own company committed to quality products and quality service.

MEGNA POOLS prides itself on providing direct personal service to our customers, along with only the best products in the industry. MEGNA POOLS is an innovator in the industry, bringing many unique and patented products to the marketplace.

MEGNA POOLS is now one the largest fabricators of inground steel pool panels & kits, and vinyl swimming pool liners.

MEGNA POOLS corporate statement sums it all up

We serve the best customers in the world with Teamwork, Respect, Inspiration, Enthusiasm & Laughter!


All components of a MEGNA POOLS steel wall pool kit are made from the highest grade of galvanized steel available. We proudly use only domestic steel in all our products. Panels are fabricated using the latest clinch-lock technology for superior rust resistance and durability – NO WELDS! 
MEGNA POOLS can make your imagination come to life, we can custom make your pool kit to suit your needs. We are also specialists in creating custom steps and benches. We can help you create an oasis in your own backyard.


MEGNA POOLS swimming pool liners, both inground and above ground, are made from the finest vinyl available world-wide. The vinyl is specifically formulated for long term use in swimming pools. It features excellent physical properties to resist tearing and puncture, cracking at low temperatures, UV degradation, fungus growth, algae growth and chemical bleaching.

MEGNA POOLS uses computer aided design (CAD) to custom design each pool liner to the exact specifications of your pool. We then use a patented rotary cutting machine to cut the pool vinyl for each swimming pool.

MEGNA POOLS employs reliable and durable high-frequency molecular welding machines to bond the vinyl into the shape of your swimming pool. This is the strongest and best method to create long lasting swimming pool liners.

MEGNA POOLS offers the widest selection of swimming pool liner fashions, in three series. Premier Series liners are liners designed to compete with 20 mil liners. All our Premier liners are thicker than the standard 20 mil liners, yet cost no more. Our 30ga Series of liners are our thickest liners and are our best and longest lasting liners. MEGNA POOLS also offers the most unique way to choose a liner – Mix n Match! Offered exclusively you can choose one of 12 different tile patterns and match your choice to one of 7 different wall/floor patterns. Create your own unique pool liner fashion – just for you!