Why should we install a vinyl lined pool?

There are several different construction types of inground swimming pools, cement, fibreglass and vinyl lined. There are even different types of vinyl lined pools – steel wall or acrylic wall. Why should you choose a steel walled, vinyl lined pool? First of all, we make them, and we think they are the best! They are economically priced and have been built since the 1960’s, and those are still around and being used. One of the founders of the company most of us at MEGNA started working for, stated that “we have put vinyl liners in cement and fibreglass pools, but they have never done the reverse”. Resurfacing a cement or fibreglass pool is an expensive and messy operation, while on the other hand replacing a vinyl liner, or putting a vinyl liner in one of these pools is a clean and simple job. Styles change over the years, and those pools built in the 1960’s have had a couple of liners replaced in them, each time providing an economical facelift which reinvigorated the backyard. Ensure that your pool is always a fashion leader – go with a vinyl lined pool.